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Dummy parachutist dropped during D-Day to be auctioned

A dummy which was one of 500 parachutists over Normandy to confuse the enemy before D-Day is going up on the auction block. The "paradummies" - nicknamed Ruperts - were designed to explode and burst into flames when they hit the ground in order to hide their presence and purpose. They were

D-Day mansion up for sale for $3.7 million

A mansion where Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower visited while planning the D-Day landings is up for sale. Cricket Court near Ilminster, Somerset, was a secret meeting place for the British and American leaders in 1944 when it was owned by government minister Lord Beaverbrook. Ownership of the Court passed to the

65 years ago: D-Day

Today marks the 65th anniversary of D-Day (June 6th, 1944), the Normandy Landings. The assault was divided into two phases; the first being an air assault landing of American, British and Canadian troops, and the second being the infamous amphibious landing of Allied infantry on the coast of France. The latter

Discovered: The remains of five Nazi soldiers killed on D-Day

The remains of five Nazi soldiers gunned down by British troops on D-Day have been discovered in northern France.  Still surrounded by their World War II German helmets and ammunition clips, they were found almost exactly 65 years to the day since Allied forces stormed ashore on June 6th 1944.  Scraps of