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Dairying in Ireland dates back 6,000 years

New research conducted on ancient pots have revealed that Ireland's dairies date back 6,000 years. Dr Jessica Smyth of Bristol's School of Chemistry analysed nearly 500 pots from the Neolithic, the period when people switched from hunting and gathering to farming. In Britain and Ireland, this change occurred around 4,000 BC,

Residue analysis reveals Finland’s prehistoric dairy farming

An analysis of residue found on ancient pots have revealed Finland's dairy-farming past. The Finns are the world's biggest milk drinkers today but experts had previously been unable to establish whether prehistoric dairy farming was possible in the harsh environment that far north, where there is snow for up to four

“Modern” ailment found in medieval bones

Medieval bones uncovered in Albania show traces of brucellosis, a "modern" disease associated with eating unpasteurized dairy. Primarily an animal disease, brucellosis is common in rural farming parts of the Mediterranean region and is typically transmitted to humans through eating raw sheep and goat cheeses that come from infected animals. The disease can cause