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Evidence of terrace farming unearthed at Petra

Archaeologists working at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan have found evidence that terrace farming and dams were used to cultivate crops. The successful terrace farming of wheat, grapes and possibly olives, resulted in a vast, green, agricultural "suburb" to Petra in an otherwise inhospitable, arid landscape. This terrace farming

Roman theatre masks found in Turkey

Two Roman theatre masks have been uncovered by excavation works at Turkey's Il?su Dam. “During ancient times there were no theater stages near Il?su, so we think these masks came from travelling theater communities coming to Il?su in ancient times,” he added. The artifacts are thought to come from 200-300 A.D. “One

1,000-year-old remains to be reburied

The ancient remains of 53 people unearthed during the construction of a dam in Utah are set to be reburied this spring. A final resting place is finally coming for 53 people whose remains have been kept in a metal box for years. The first set of Native American bones was found

Dam construction to flood 30,000 rock carvings

30,000 rock carvings are set to be lost due to construction of the Diamer-Basha Dam in Pakistan. These writings not only provide insights into the religious and political situation but also show the name of the rulers and a rough date of the time. The earliest rock carvings in northern Pakistan