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DNA testing set to identify Vietnam War victims

DNA technology is being employed to identify the remains of Vietnam War dead. “The technical challenges are considerable but tractable,” says Bioglobe’s chief executive, Wolfgang Höppner, who crafted the proposal for Vietnam. In the country’s hot and humid climate, DNA in bones that have lain in shallow graves for decades is

Gold sheets for the dead found in Hungary

Gold sheets used to cover the eyes and mouths of the dead have been found in a grave in southern Hungary. Archaeologists have discovered rare gold objects from the time Hungarian tribes first arrived in the Carpathian basin, near Szeged, the head of the excavation told MTI on Monday. Tibor Paluch, archaeologist

Last Titanic survivor’s ashes scattered

The ashes of Millvina Dean, the last Titanic survivor to pass away, have been scattered at the dock from which the doomed ship set sail. Millvina Dean was nine weeks old when the liner sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic on its maiden voyage from Southampton on 15 April

Why do mummies look like they are screaming?

Pain and agony are written onto the faces of mummies found world-wide, their mouths agape as if frozen mid-scream. Now one researcher has unlocked the reason why. "This temporo-mandibular joint is fairly loose.... Unlike the tight ball-and-socket linking the leg and the hip, the jaw and cranium are held together only

British war dead to be exhumed in France

Archaeologists are exhuming British and Australian troops from a WWI mass grave in northern France, before properly burying the soldiers in a new war cemetery. Up to 400 soldiers lost in the battle are thought to have been buried - without their dog tags - in pits by German forces in