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Auschwitz death camp sign stolen

The infamous Arbeit Macht Frei which was posted at the entrance to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp has been stolen. The wrought iron sign, whose words mean "Work Sets You Free", was unscrewed and pulled down from its position above the gate in the early hours of Friday. Polish authorities denounced the

Auschwitz Memorial launches Facebook page

The Auschwitz death camp memorial museum has launched a Facebook page to reach young people around world. The memorial museum at Auschwitz has launched a Facebook page, hoping that the popular social networking site will help it reach young people around the globe and engage them in discussions about the former

Auschwitz blueprints presented to Israeli PM

Architectural plans for the Auschwitz death camp, discovered last year, have been presented to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Berlin. The 29 sketches of the camp, which was built in Nazi-occupied Poland, date back to 1941, and include detailed blueprints for living barracks, delousing facilities and crematoria,