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Medieval village found in Denmark.

Traces of medieval farm buildings have been found in eastern Denmark. Traces of three courtyards surrounded by a ditch marks out an area, which archaeologists have interpreted as the centre of a village dating back to the Middle Ages in Tollerup, East Denmark. Historical sources suggest that the farms belonged to the

Neolithic longhouse uncovered in Denmark

Traces of a 4,000-year-old longhouse has been found at a construction site in Denmark. “It proved to be a gigantic farmhouse from the Late Neolithic Period. Up until now, we’ve only seen four farmhouses of this size from this period,” said Jens Johannsen, an archaeologist from Roskilde Museum. “The house is nearly

Medieval village found in Denmark

Traces of a small medeival village have been found in central Jutland. The land had changed hands numerous times throughout its history, from private farmland to royal ownership to once being the backyard of Admiral Jens Rodsteen. The abandonment of the village in the late 1600s wasn’t uncommon for the time, according

Woman in Danish Viking grave was born in Norway

Researchers have determined that a woman found buried in a Viking grave in Denmark was born in Norway. “She has had bronze buckles in a warm orange-yellow colour, decorated silver jewellery capsules and a string of glass and metal pearls,” Stidsing told “She must have been quite a sight when she

Neolithic enclosure found in Denmark

A neolithic enclosure has been uncovered at a construction site in Denmark. Found at Stevns, located some 40 miles from Copenhagen, the structure is an oval palisade enclosure made by five rows of posts covering about 60,000 square feet. "Since 2013, rescue archaeology related to large-scale development of infrastructure has allowed us

1,000-year-old tomb found in Denmark

A large tomb dating back 1,000 years has been found in Denmark. Bjarne Henning Nielsen, an archaeologist based in northern Jutland, believes that he may have found the tomb of the famous Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer, the great-grandfather of Valdemar the Great, who was king of Denmark from 1157-1182. “It’s just a

1,500-year-old golden medallion unearthed in Denmark

A small collection of gold artifacts, including a medallion have been found by a local man and his sons on the Danish island of Lolland. Among the gold discovered was a so-called bracteate, a thin gold medallion worn as jewellery during the Germanic Iron Age. Archaeologists at Museum Lolland-Falster believe that

Viking toolbox found in Denmark

A Viking toolbox, containing 14 iron tools, has been found at a Viking fortress in Denmark. Collections of tools from the Viking Age are exceptionally rare. Iron was worth a lot to the Vikings and if anyone had discovered discarded tools, they would have melted them down to repurpose for something