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Roman roadside cemetery found in Devon

15 skeletons have been found at a roadside Roman cemetery found by metal detectorists in Devon, England. 15 ancient skeletons have been discovered on an archaeological dig in Ipplepen, a major Romano-British settlement in Devon and now the best preserved Roman cemetery. University of Exeter archaeologists and a team of students

World’s oldest potholes found in Devon, England

Archaeologists excavating a Roman settlement in Devon, England, have uncovered a Roman road complete with repairs to its surface. Wheel ruts found in the newly excavated road surface are thought to be like those at Pompeii caused by carts being driven over them. This is cause for excitement according to archaeologist Danielle

Roman coin find leads to discovery of town

The discovery of 100 Roman coins by metal detectorists in Devon, has lead to the discovery of the western-most Roman town in England. After the coins were unearthed by the local men out using metal detectors, Danielle Wootton, the University of Exeter's liaison officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS), which

Wreck of 18th century privateer found off English coast

The remains of an 18th century French frigate has been found 60 miles off the coast of Devon, England. It is believed to be the first privateer found off the UK, a type of ship authorised to seize enemy cargo. The material goes into Odyssey's own collection and will be

18th century Devon canal to be restored

An 18th century canal in south Devon is one step closer to being restored. The Stover Canal near Newton Abbot was built by James Templer of Stover House to serve the ball clay industry. In 1999 the Stover Canal Society was formed with the intention of restoring the scrub-filled

Ice Age remains and spearpoint found in cave in England

The remains of various Ice Age animals, including hyenas, deer and woolly rhinos, have been found in a cave in Devon. The dig at Kents Cavern, Torquay, also unearthed a 15,000-year-old spearpoint, known as a "sagaie", which is made from reindeer antler from the same era. The spearpoint is thought to be

Cannibalism by early Britons?

A bone fragment found in a cave in Devon hints at cannibalism amoung early Britons. Researchers say the 9,000-year-old bone carries cut marks made by a stone tool which are consistent with the act of dismemberment. Scientists believe the bone is evidence that Britons from the Mesolithic period engaged in complex burial