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Josef Mengele’s diaries up for auction

The diaries of Josef Mengele, the Nazi 'Angel of Death', are expected to fetch over $60,000 at auction. Known as the 'Angel of Death', he consigned arrivals to the gas chambers and carried out appalling medical experiments on Jews, most of whom died in agony without anaesthetic. He escaped to Brazil at

Virginia school won’t teach full version of Anne Frank’s Diary

A lot of people don't seem to realize that there are two versions of Anne Frank's diary. There is the standard edition, which most people are familiar with, and a more recent "Definitive Edition" which has significantly more content. Removed from the first edition were passages where Anne talks badly

WWII Diary found with coded plans for The Great Escape

Coded plans for "The Great Escape" have been found in the diary of a British prisoner of war. Ted Nestor was a prisoner of war (POW) at the camp where 77 Allied officers managed to dig a tunnel and escape. His journal includes stories of camp life, cartoons and even a coded

WWI soldier’s journal reveals odd name-calling trench truce

A journal written by a British soldier in the trenches during WWI mentions an odd moment where the fighting stopped so the two sides could make fun of each other. It details how the opposing trenches were sometimes so close that the two sides would call a temporary truce to exchange

The only known footage of diarist Anne Frank

According to the Daily Mail, the only known film footage of Anne Frank has been released for the first time to a worldwide audience. This is not entirely true. I watched this video a few years ago when it was included in a documentary about the tragic diarist. Nonetheless, it

King George VI ‘relieved’ when WWII broke out

Going on display for the first time is a diary entry written by King George VI that reveals his relief when WWII broke out. On the evening of 3 September 1939 - the day that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war - the monarch wrote: "As 11 o'clock struck that fateful

Soldier’s frontline diary from WWII found in loft

A diary belonging to a WWII British army corporal who took part in the Allied invasion of Sicily has been found in a loft. In his diary, Mr Gillespie describes the death of two young soldiers who were killed as they raised their heads above a parapet. On returning to base later