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Charred ancient scrolling unwrapped “virtually”

Digital technology has been employed to "unwrap" a charred scroll found during excavations of the synagogue at Ein Gedi. It turns out that part of this scroll is from the beginning of the Book of Leviticus, written in Hebrew, and dated by C14 analysis, a form of radiometric dating used to

Digital archaeologists preserve historic space launch sites

Archaeologists are working to photograph and digitally preserve the concrete and steel launch complexes from the early days of America's space program. Using new laser scanners and digital photography, researchers are creating amazing, detailed 3-D images of the launch complexes used for historic missions like John Glenn's Friendship 7, which made

Researchers digitally restore colourful Buddhist statue

A team of researchers from Japan have digitally restored an 8th-century Buddhist statue back to it's colourful original appearance. As a result of two years of research, the team used computer graphics technology to re-create the colors of the rich-colored patterns of the statue from the Tenpyo Period (729-749), based on

King Richard III’s medieval inn digitally recreated

Archaeologists have digitally recreated the medieval inn where King Richard III slept the night before he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.  The site is wreathed in local legends. One says the inn was originally called The White Boar, which was Richard's emblem. The landlord heard the news

Hi-res Dead Sea Scoll images put online

High resolution photos of five of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been posted for free online. Click here to view them. "Some of these images are appearing for the first time in Google — what no one has seen for 2,000 years and no scholar since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found,"