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Bronze Age ditch identified in Hereford, England

A Bronze Age ditch has been found in Hereford which may have been used to mark the city's old boundary. It is 5m (16ft) deep in places and was found using aerial, laser scanning equipment to map the land's contours. The ditch has been filled in with earth over the

Hadrian’s Wall was originally built of wood

An archaeologist is claiming that the ditch that runs parallel to the Wall runs several feet away from it because it marks the location of a temporary wooden wall. The temporary wall ran between each of the milecastles, providing a swift means of defence against marauding Scots while auxiliaries built the

Monk’s 13th-century guesthouse unearthed in Ireland

A medieval defensive ditch and a 13th-century guesthouse have been found at the Cistercian Bective Abbey in Ireland. “We’re delighted. We’ve only sampled quite a small area so to find the guesthouse we were extremely lucky. We’ve been able to identify it as a guesthouse, because of the waste we’ve found