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Wreck of USS Revenge discovered off of Rhode Island

A team of divers claim they have found the wreckage of the USS Revenge which sank off of Rhode Island in 1811. The ship was commanded by US Navy hero Oliver Hazard Perry, known for defeating the British in the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie and Ontario in the War of

Divers explore submerged Mayan pilgrimage site

Scuba divers are exploring the depths of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where they have found an ancient site where Mayan pilgrams flocked to worship. "No one believed me, even when I told them all about it. They just said 'he's mad'," said Roberto Samayoa, a businessman and recreational diver who grew

17th-century shipwreck spotted off the coast of Sweden

A 400-year-old shipwreck of a Dutch trader has been found by Swedish scuba divers in the archipelago of Stockholm. “We were actually searching for a cargo ship that had sank in the 1940s, but then we found this instead,” Markus Hårde, one of the wreck divers told Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish

Mapping Florida’s mystery shipwreck

Underwater archaeologists in Florida will be spending two weeks mapping the site of a mystery shipwreck off Key Largo. Named the "Marker 39" wreck for its location just two miles off the coast of Key Largo, the remains hold many clues that could help unlock its secrets. A buoy has marked