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700-year-old tomb belonging to a doctor excavated in China

A high-profile Confucian doctor's tomb has been excavated by archaeologists in China. Confucian doctors were a special group proficient in both Confucianism and medicine, which allowed them a high status during that period. Wu was appointed to a post in charge of local medical services and education, similar to today's head of

Ancient Tibetan book reveals 3,000-year-old brain surgery

A study of the Tibetan Tripitaka has revealed that brain surgery was being practiced by doctors at least 2,900 years ago. Karma Trinley, an avid researcher and reader of classic Tibetan literature, Buddhism and calligraphy, began studying the Tripitaka in 1970. "It describes in detail how a young Indian doctor watched

Colonial kids had it tough

An analysis of colonial doctors' letters show that colonial kids had it rough. Forget childhood obesity and behavioral problems. Little ones in the 17th Century met colorful ends from eating poisonous beans, falling off wharves and the vague “failure to thrive,” according to Dr. Howard A. Pearson's analysis

18-19th century naval medical records released

The National Archives have release naval doctor's records dating from 1793 to 1880. Among them are described 7ft parasitic worms and the first documented case of a hermaphrodite. One passenger was 12-year-old Ellen McCarthy, who was on board the Elizabeth sailing from Cork, Ireland, to Quebec, Canada, in June 1825