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Panamanian islanders may have hunted dolphins

Dolphin remains make up 8 percent of the mammal remains found in a 6,000-year-old midden on an island off the coast of Panama. Precolombian seafarers left what is now mainland Panama to settle on Pedro González Island in the Perlas archipelago about 6,000 years ago, crossing 50-70 kilometers (31-44 miles) of

Marble dolphin statue found in Israel

A marble statue depicting a dolphin gripping a fish in its jaws has been unearthed in northern Negev. Hewn from marble, the 2,000-or-so-year-old statuette surfaced during archaeological excavations near Kibbutz Magen, bordering the Gaza Strip, in March of this year. The discovery of the dolphin statue amid the ruins of a late

Hall of Dragons and Dolphins unearthed in Italy

Researchers working in Monasterace, Italy have found a section of mosaic featuring images of dragons and dolphins. "The discovery is of extraordinary importance because it is the largest Hellenic mosaic of Magna Grecia (an area of southern Italy)," he said. The mosaic, depicting dragon and dolphins, may date from the Hellenistic

Dolphins discover 19th century torpedo

Two bottle-nosed dolphins have found a late-19th century Howell torpedo off the coast of San Diego during training exercises with the U.S. Navy. "Dolphins naturally possess the most sophisticated sonar known to man," Braden Duryee, an official at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific said after the surprising discovery. While

Fossil of balloon-headed dolphin found

The fossilized remains of a balloon-headed dolphin has been found in the North Sea. Up to six metres in length, the dolphin lived two to three million years ago. The so-called rostrum bone and a model of the dolphin are on display at the Natural History Museum Rotterdam. As museum