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The oldest shipwreck in the Caribbean

Treasures hunters in the Caribbean have found the oldest shipwreck in the area off the Dominican Republic coast. At the last count Captain Billy Rawson and his crew had uncovered 700 silver coins that could be worth millions, jade figurines and even a mirrored stone that was possibly used in Shamanic

Prehistoric cave art found in Dominican Republic cave

Petroglyphs and other prehistoric artworks have been discovered in a cave in the Dominican Republic. The cavern has 61 petroglyphs and two bas-relief sculptures, the newspaper learned from Spanish archaeologist Adolfo Lopez, who is in charge of researching the area and believes that the petroglyphs and sculptures could be 5,000

Fossil remains of extinct monkey found underwater

The fossilised remains of an extinct monkey, which date back 3,000 years, has been found in an underwater cave in the Dominican Republic. He explained that the bones, which included a skull that was almost complete, were found by a team of scuba divers who were exploring an underwater cave