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Fragments of marble door found in Greece

Fragments of a marble door have been found in the second chamber of a Greek tomb. Made from marble brought from the island of Thasso, like most of the features uncovered so far in the underground space, the door fragments were found as archaeologists removed dirt from the second chamber. According to

Secret of Great Pyramid’s inner doors to be solved next year

Expect the secret of the Great Pyramid's doors to be solved next year as archaeologists gear up once more to investigate the inner workings of the 4,500-year-old pharaonic mausoleum. A robot, designed by Rob Richardson at the University of Leeds, was able to climb inside the walls of the shaft while

5,000-year-old door found in Switzerland

A Neolithic door, dating back 5,000 years, has been found in Zurich, Switzerland, making it one of the oldest ever found in Europe.Updated with a photo of the door. [Thx Leela!] The ancient poplar wood door is "solid and elegant" with well-preserved hinges and a "remarkable" design for holding