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Iron Age burials found in Dorset

Three Iron Age skeletons have been found underneath an 18th-century cottage in Dorset. Archaeologists carrying out a watching brief on routine drainage and sewage works at an 18th century Dorset cottage have been forced to halt digging after the crouched skeletons of three young people from the Bronze or Iron Age

Prehistoric town unearthed in Dorset, England

The remains of 150 Iron Age roundhouses have been found in Dorset, England. Researchers have already excavated 16 of the houses. Dr Miles Russell, an archaeologist at Bournemouth University and co-director of the Durotriges Big Dig said, “We’ve exposed remains of 16 roundhouses in the two trenches we’ve dug. They are

Five skeletons found at Roman villa in England

Five skeletons have been unearthed at a late-Roman Villa in north Dorset. It’s thought the remains, which date back to the mid-4th century, could belong to three generations of the same family who owned the villa. The skeletons of two adult males, two adult females and one elderly female were discovered at

Vikings filed their teeth

The remains of Vikings found in a mass grave in Dorset show that young warriors filed patterns into their teeth. The front teeth have horizontal lines that were so neatly filed, archaeologists believe it must have been done by a skilled craftsman rather than by their owners, and the process undoubtedly

Bronze Age burial mounds to be excavated

Work has begun to excavate three Bronze Age burial mounds in Dorset before they are lost forever to erosion. It is hoped the current excavation will uncover more about the people who originally built them. Martin Papworth, a National Trust archaeologist, said: "These Bronze Age round barrows are important features of the

Hull of 400-year-old sunken shipwreck to be raised

The hull of a 17th-century ship which sunk off the Dorset coast of England will be raised before it erodes away into nothing. A 17th-century shipwreck described as the "biggest discovery since the Mary Rose" is rotting so rapidly that it could disappear within five years. The remains of the ship, known

Treasure hunter find cache of deadly WWII bombs

A tresure hunter in England has uncovered a deadly cache of WWII bombs buried on a beach in Dorset. A treasure hunter escaped serious injury when he unearthed a cache of bombs that were buried by the Home Guard during the darkest days of World War 2. The weapons -

Ancient ivory maskette found on arctic island

An ancient maskette made of ivory and two Dorest houses, which dates back between 1,500 and 800 years ago, have been found on a Canadian arctic island. They have uncovered two Dorset houses, each of them nine meters long, that date to somewhere between 1,500 and 800 years ago. Constructed