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Remains of Cholera victims found in Dublin

The remains of people who died during the Great Cholera Epidemic of 1832 have been found during construction in Dublin. She said records from the 1870s showed the railway yard of the Midlands Great Western Railway at Broadstone was being extended. The company got permission to acquire 3 acres of land

Religious relic stolen from Dublin cathedral

A religious relic, the heard of the 12th-century St. Laurence O'Toole, has been stolen from the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. It is the most recent case in a rash of thefts that have taken place in Ireland. After scrutiny of closed-circuit television video, the police are now concentrating on two

17th century remains found during road construction

The remains of a body which dates back to the 17th century have been found underneath a street in Dublin, Ireland. Bones from the skeleton were uncovered by builders working on enhancement projects in the Smithfield area of the city. They notified archaeologists, who arrived to preserve the remains which are

Viking settlement found in Ireland

An 11th-century viking settlement has been found in Dublin, Ireland. Clear signs of a late-11th century – ie Viking – house have been found at a site in the Smithfield area owned by the Office of Public Works (OPW). Excavation works, commissioned and funded by the OPW, have been under way

17th century theatre uncovered in Dublin

The foundations of a 17th century theatre, as well as a number of artifacts from performances staged there, has been found at a dig in Dublin. It was the first theatre in Dublin to secure a royal patent, issued following Oliver Cromwell's death, and had close ties with Covent Garden in