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Llama droppings aided in the rise of the Incas

New research is suggesting that the Inca used llama droppings to fertilize their crops, allowing them to grow at high altitudes. In the June issue of Antiquity, paleoecologist Alex Chepstow-Lusty of the Institut Français d’Etudes Andines in Lima, presents findings from a lake sediment core showing that farmers near Cuzco began

Mammoth poop sheds light on extinction

Mammoth dung is proving to be a good source of information in helping scientists unravel the mystery surrounding what caused the great mammals to die out. Sporormiella produces spores in the dung of large herbivores. These are then preserved in the layers of mud and can provide an index of the

Ancient dung heaps tell climate story

Scientists in Africa are now looking at rock rabbit dung heaps in Africa, some of which date back tens of thousands of years, as time capsules showing climate and vegetation information throughout the ages. The Rock Hyrax, also known as the Rock Rabbit, superficially resembles a guinea pig with small ears