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17th-century POW remains found in Durham, England

The remains of up to 28 individuals, believed to have been Scottish POWs captured at the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, have been unearthed in Durham, England. Now, a new blog by Durham University’s Department of Archaeology reveals that research has shown many of the individuals were between 13 to 25

English Civil War mass grave found

Construction work in Durham, England, has led to the discovery of a mass grave containing between 17-28 Scottish soldiers who were taken prisoner after the Battle of Dunbar in 1650. The Battle of Dunbar was one of the most brutal, bloody and short battles of the 17th Century civil wars. In

Carved head of Roman god found in ancient dump

A 1,800-year-old carved stone head, believe to be depicting a Roman god, has been found in an ancient rubbish dump in Durham, England. First year Durham University archaeology student Alex Kirton found the artefact, which measures about 20cm by 10cm, in buried late Roman rubbish within what was probably a bath

Medieval tombstones found in walls of burnt church

A fire which destroyed a church 12 years ago exposed 100 medieval tombstones which were hidden in the walls. The grave covers known as cross slabs are decorated with swords, crosses and emblems including a pair of shears to signify a housewife, and are related to figures in the history of the village. Many had been