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Mesolithic dwelling found near Stonehenge

A Stone Age dwelling has been found a mile away from Stonehenge in England. The ground-breaking discovery of a Stone Age “eco” home – the oldest sign of settlement yet found in the Stonehenge landscape – could be under threat if controversial Government-backed plans for a tunnel go through the ancient

Excavations begin at undisturbed slave dwellings

Archaeologists have begun excavations on the undisturbed remains of slave dwellings at James Madison's house in Montpelier, Vermont. She said her most exciting discovery so far is a bone-handled pocket knife. When she uncovered it with her trowel, it was badly corroded, and the bone looked like old wood, she

15 Hohokam dwellings found at road project

Fifteen prehistoric Hohokam dwellings have been found during road construction in Arizona. Currently, the sites have not been excavated; the Cultural Resources office is waiting to hear back from the Pima County Department of Transportation, which is planning to redesign that part of the frontage road project so it will avoid