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Ancient earthquake victims found in Israel

The remains of people crushed when the roof of a basilica caved in during an earthquake 1,700 years ago have been found in Israel. Eisenberg’s team found a number of skeletons crushed under a collapsed roof in the northern section of the Basilica, the largest structure in the city. Built at

Earthquake-damaged ancient city to be restored

The ancient city of Tralleis in western Turkey, which was damaged by a number of earthquakes, is set to undergo restoration efforts. “A structure which formed the entrance gate of the gymnasium building, and which became the symbol of Ayd?n, suffered the heaviest damage due to earthquakes,” said Ayd?n Culture and

Italian earthquake damages historical buildings

A deadly earthquake in northeast Italy yesterday has caused serious damage to some of the region's historical buildings. The earthquake and a powerful aftershock that followed it on Sunday brought down the belltower in Finale Emilia -- the shocking image of the tower was on the front pages of many newspapers

Found: 2,000-year old buildings collapsed by earthquake

Archaeologists in Nepal have found the remains of 2,000-year-old buildings which collapsed in an earthquake, possibly in the 5th century A.D. They were found during an excavation in Kichakbadhsthal in Jhapa district. Remains of walls made of bricks measuring 36 cm long, 26 cm wide and five centimeters thick have been