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Easter Islanders didn’t eat much seafood

A study of teeth from 41 individuals whose remains were found on Easter Island has revealed that their diet was made up mostly of plants, rats and chickens. To determine the diet of its past inhabitants, researchers analyzed the nitrogen and carbon isotopes, or atoms of an element with different numbers

Were Easter Island’s moai “walked” into place?

Controversy is surrounding the theory that the giant heads of Easter Island, known as 'moai', were walked into place using only ropes. In October 2012, researchers came up with the "walking" theory by creating a 5-ton replica of one of the statues (or "moai"), and actually moving it in an upright

Easter Island stone statues “walked” out of quarry

New research suggests that the giant stone statues of Easter Island were "walked" out of the quarry by rocking them from side-to-side. Some statues are found on stone pedestals; others are in incomplete forms along roads or in a quarry. The incomplete statues — which Lipo says would have been modified

Genetic markers link Easter Islanders with South Americans

New genetic researcher suggests that the residents of Easter Island had contact with South Americans before they had contact with European explorers. The scattered islands of the vast Pacific Ocean were settled by seafarers who set out from the eastern coasts and islands of Asia and traveled thousands of kilometers by

Early Americans colonized Easter Island

Genetic evidence has revealed that early South Americans helped colonize Easter Island. Genetics, archaeology and linguistics all show that as a whole, Polynesia was colonised from Asia, probably from around Taiwan. The various lines of evidence suggest people began migrating east around 5500 years ago, reached Polynesia 2500 years later, before

Fighting the lichen eating Easter Island Moai

Restorers have developed a solvent which stops lichens from eating away at the Moai on Easter Island. Lichen are eating away at the Moai, the 400 volcanic stone heads that dominate the skyline of Easter Island. Earlier treatments to preserve these ancient monoliths at this World Heritage Site called for

Outsiders caused demise of Easter Island

New research is blaming outsiders for the downfall of the people living on Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island). Dr Croucher, whose research is funded by the British Academy, added: “There is a growing body of opinion which says history has been unkind to the Easter Islanders - and my research

Easter Island road system largely ceremonial

Archaeologists working on Easter Island have disproved the 50-year-old theory that the road system on the island was used to move the famous statues around. The find will create controversy among the many archaeologists who have dedicated years to finding out exactly how the moai were moved, ever since Norwegian