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Italy saves 16,000 artifacts from eBay

Italian police have seized over 16,000 artifacts after investigating 70 people for illegally looting and selling their finds on eBay. The investigation began when the police found an eBay announcement in 2009 and they tracked down a father and son team of tomb raiders in a village in Calabria in southern

Lost Chaplin film sold on eBay for $5.68

A lost film featuring comic genius Charlie Chaplin has been found on eBay for $5.68. Morace Park, who lives in Essex, England, bought the battered olive green film canister listed as "an old film" for £3.20, and found the title Charlie Chaplin in Zepped inside. His neighbour, John Dyer, former head of

For Sale on eBay: One WWII Prisoner of War camp, used

A couple have put the Harperley POW camp in England up for sale on eBay for close to $1.5 million dollars. You can check out the auction here. Harperley camp, near Crook, was turned into a tourist attraction in 2004, but the owners can no longer afford to complete its restoration. The

eBay Has Chilling Effect On Looting Of Antiquities

According to UCLA archaeologist Charles Stanish, eBay has drastically altered the transporting and selling of illegal artifacts. He estimates that about 30 percent of "antiquities" currently for sale on eBay are obvious fakes, in so much as creators mix up iconography and choose colors and shapes for visual effect rather than