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First australians ate Megafauna eggs

Australia's first human inhabitants cooked and ate the cantaloupe-sized eggs of a large flightless bird 50,000 years ago. The first direct evidence that humans played a substantial role in the extinction of the huge, wondrous beasts inhabiting Australia some 50,000 years ago -- in this case a 500-pound bird -- has

The difference between male and female pterosaurs

A new find reveals that pterosaurs laid soft eggs, more like a turtle than a bird, and that only male pterosaurs had elaborate crests on their heads. Darwinopterus fossils, for example, have been found with and without head crests. Until now, it was unclear whether crested individuals were male or female. The

Oldest dinosaur embryos identified

Palaeontologists have identified the world's oldest dinosaur embryos, dating back 190 million years. Massospondylus belonged to a group of dinosaurs known as prosauropods, the ancestors of sauropods - huge, four-legged dinosaurs with long necks. Having studied the tiny (20cm-long) skeletons, the researchers noted that the embryos were almost about to

Huge cache of dinosaur eggs found in India

A giant cache of hundreds of dinosaur egg clusters have been found in southern India. It was a chance find discovered when a team of scientists were locating a place to excavate an ancient riverbed in the state of Tamil Nadu. As they dug deeper they saw layers of what looked