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Remains of butchered elephant found in Greece

Researchers working in Greece have uncovered the nearly complete remains of a butchered elephant, surrounded by stone tools. Marathousa 1 is located in an open-cast coal mine, on what was once the shore of a shallow lake. It has yielded stratified stone artifacts in association with a nearly complete skeleton of

Ancient African elephant figurine found in India

A figurine resembling an African elephant has been found at Tarighat, in India. Unearthing of terracotta figurines of elephant at 2,500-year-old Tarighat site at Durg district is being believed as another indication that complements connection of Chhattisgarh's ancient traders with South Africa. Archaeologists claim Tarighat was one of the richest international

Woolly mammoth genes spliced into living cells

Researchers at Harvard University have managed to take genes from the extinct woolly mammoth and splice them into the genome of an Asian elephant. Using a DNA editing tool called CRISPR, the scientists spliced genes for the mammoths’ small ears, subcutaneous fat, and hair length and color into the DNA of

Prehistoric elephant remains found; butchered by early humans

The remains of an elephant has been found in Kent, England, along with flint tools used by early humans to butcher the animal. Since the excavation, which took place in 2004, Francis has been carrying out a detailed analysis of evidence recovered from the site, including 80 undisturbed flint artefacts found

Humans ate elephants 80,000 years ago

The bones of elephants unearthed in Spain show evidence of having been a meal for humans 80,000 years ago. Humans that populated the banks of the river Manzanares (Madrid, Spain) during the Middle Palaeolithic (between 127,000 and 40,000 years ago) fed themselves on pachyderm meat and bone marrow. This is what

Disappearance of Elephant led to rise of man

New research suggests that the disappearance of elephants as a food source drove human evolution in the Middle East. The elephant, a huge package of food that is easy to hunt, disappeared from the Middle East 400,000 years ago — an event that must have imposed considerable nutritional stress on Homo

Archaeologists search for circus elephant

Archaeologists in Wales are looking for the remains of a circus elephant which died in the town of Tregaron in 1848. The Tregaron Elephant has long had its place in local folklore - a beast that died while on tour rumoured to be buried behind the town's Talbot Hotel. A small-scale excavation

Tyrannosaurs plodded like elephants

A study of the nervous system of the might Tyrannosaurus Rex shows the dinosaur wasn't necessarily quick and agile, but rather plodded along like an elephant. When a vertebrate—an animal with a backbone—stubs its toe, electrical signals get carried from the toe to the spinal cord by a nerve, which