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Possible Emperor’s tomb found in Japan

A 7th-century burial mound that may have belonged to an Emperor has been found at the Koyamada ruins in Nara Prefecture. “The mound is highly likely the first burial site of Emperor Jomei (593-641), described in the ‘Nihon Shoki’ (The Chronicles of Japan) as the place where his body rested until

Chinese tomb may belong to Sui Dynasty emperor

A tomb discovered last year in China may belong to Yang Guang, the last emperor of the Sui Dynasty (581-618 A.D.) The 20-square-meter tomb in Yangzhou City might belong to Yang Guang, or Emperor Yang of Sui, the second and last monarch of the short-lived Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618), according to

Roman inscriptions found at Pompeiopolis

Inscriptions referring to religious festivals attended by Roman emperors have been found at Pompeiopolis in northern Turkey. New inscriptions have been unearthed during excavations at the ancient city of Pompeiopolis, in Ta?köprü in the northern province of Kastamonu. Professor Christian Marek, who has been examining the inscriptions, said they were