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Medieval brewery found in England

Highway construction in England has led to the discovery of a medieval brewery. Among the more puzzling finds was a pair of rectangular structures (one shown in photo) with sloping sides of stepped-out limestones. But what were they used for? One clue is in the smoke-blackened floor and flue (gap in the

1,800-year-old kiln found in England

A kiln dating back 1,800 years has been found in the Roman town of Verulamiium in southeastern England. The burnt remains of a 1,800-year-old kiln, use to create pottery, have been unearthed at Verulamium after essential work began to re-lay a gas pipe, giving archaeologists the opportunity to dig deep underground. The

4,000-year-old log boat found in England

Roadwork in Linconshire, England has uncovered a 20-foot log boat that may date back 4,000 years. Experts suspect the boat may be Bronze Age (c.2000-1000BC), but they are not sure so a tiny sample of its timber has been sent to Florida for radiocarbon dating. The results are eagerly anticipated! This log

WWI training tunnels found in England

Trenches used to train troops for WWI have been found at Larkhill, a military base near Stonehenge. “This is the first time anywhere in the world that archaeologists have had the chance to examine, excavate and record such an enormous expanse of first world war training ground,” said Si Cleggett, of

Traces of Roman city found in southern England

Traces of the Roman town of Verulamium have been found in Southern England. Recent gas main works in Verulamium Park revealed the location of the corner of the town wall and a previously unknown house – the area was formerly believed to have been the location for a road. Verulamium was the

Roman settlements and road found in northern England

Evidence of wealthy Roman settlements and a section of Roman roadway have been uncovered in North Yorkshire. Construction work to upgrade Britain's longest road into a major highway has revealed a treasure trove of rare artifacts from one of the earliest and wealthiest Roman settlements in the country. The findings include ancient

2,500-year-old chariot burials uncovered in England

The remains of an Iron Age chariot and two horses has been found at a cemetery site in East Yorkshire, England. They described the latest find as "highly unusual". Other finds include human skeletons, including a "young warrior", swords, spears and shields. Those working at the excavation site said current investigations were looking

Medieval kiln unearthed in England

A rare medieval pottery kiln has been found in southeastern England. The kiln would have been stoked by wood from nearby trees to produce water pots, for example. Mr Crummy said while about 40 Roman kilns had been found around Colchester this one, which is well preserved, is a rare find in