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17th century Dutch trading ship excavated off English coast

Researchers, hoping to identify the remains of a 17th century Dutch trading ship, have raised the ship's rudder from the bottom of the English Channel where it has lain for the past 400 years. "There are no others of this type that have been found in the UK, and it is

WWII Dornier Do-17 bomber raised from sea bed

A German WWII bomber has been raised from the sea bed at the bottom of the English Channel after being shot down more than 70 years ago. [Thx to Chulian for the link!] The Dornier Do-17 aircraft was shot down off the Kent coast more than 70 years ago during the

16th century sunstone recovered from sunken ship

Underwater archaeologists have recovered a piece of crystal from a 16th century shipwreck found at the bottom of the English Channel. The crystal, made of calcite, is known as a sunstone and was used to determine the position of the sun on cloudy days by revealing patters of polarized light. In

Nazi warplane found in England Channel

A rare German bomber from WWII has been found sitting at the bottom of the English Channel. The Dornier 17 -- thought to be world's last known example -- was hit as it took part in the Battle of Britain. It ditched in the sea just off the Kent coast, southeast England,

Underwater looters damage historic submarine

Divers have stolen from the Holland 5, a historically important submarine wreck lying in the English Channel. English Heritage said divers stole the torpedo tube hatch of the Holland 5, which sank six miles off Eastbourne in East Sussex in 1912. The theft was discovered during a licensed dive by

HMS Victory wreck to be brought to the surface?

An archaeologist is calling for the sunken wreck of the HMS Victory to be brough to the surface for excavation to avoid further damage. Dr Sean Kingsley is an archaeological consultant for Odyssey Marine Exploration, who found the shipwreck in the English Channel in April 2008. He said the site

How Britain became an island

A prehistoric 'super-river' is the reason why Britain was cut off from Europe. An Anglo-French study has revealed that long before the English Channel there was a giant river which ran south from an area of the North Sea. Previous research found that 500,000 years ago a range of low hills connected

Ancient riverbed found under English Channel

An ancient river bed that has been unseen for 185,000 years has been found in the English Channel during an underwater mapping survey intended to be completed for the 2012 Olympics. The mysterious river bed cuts through bedrock at the bottom of the ocean and is eight miles long, ranges between