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The secrets of Roman concrete

A team of researchers has cracked the mystery of what makes Roman concrete so durable and how it is better for the environment. "In the middle 20th century, concrete structures were designed to last 50 years, and a lot of them are on borrowed time," Monteiro says. "Now we design buildings

Ancient Hawaiians fished more than would be sustainable today

Apparently the ancient Hawaiians were able to catch three times more fish than would be sustainable to catch today. Native Hawaiians caught about 50 percent more fish than modern fleets catch today in both Hawaii and the Florida Keys, the two largest reef ecosystems in the United States, said a co-author

Britain’s oldest house threatened by environmental change

Britain's oldest house, found at the Star Carr Mesolithic site in North Yorkshire, is being threatened by its deteriorating surroundings. "The water table has fallen and the peat is shrinking and it is severely damaging the archaeology," she said. "The water keeps the oxygen and bacteria out and because they are now

Australian Aboriginies changed the weather

Controlled burns of grasslands by Australia's aboriginies may have inadvertently affected the climate. When the first European settlers arrived in Australia in the 17th century, they observed a strange farming practice among the natives. The aborigines routinely burned grasslands and vegetation in many parts of northern Australia during the cool months

Ancient Egyptians were exposed to pollution

New research has found evidence in mummies that show ancient Egyptians were exposed to air polution. They have found particulates in the lungs of all the mummies, including a 1,800-year-old one found in Dakhleh Oasis, a remote outpost in so uthwest Egypt that supports the evidence. Particulates or tiny microscopic particles that

A look at Antarctica’s fossilized forests

The BBC has posted an interesting article about the ancient forests that once covered Antarctica. One of her most amazing fossil discoveries to date was made in the Transantarctic Mountains, not far from where Scott made his own finds. She recalled: "We were high up on glaciated peaks when we found a

Drinking ancient ice core water

Edible Geography has put up a fascinating interview with Paul Mayewski, an ice core researcher who often times drinks the objects of his study! Edible Geography: What does it taste like? Paul Mayewski: It tastes about as clean as anything can taste. It doesn’t have a lot of anything in it. When

Genghis Khan, Eco-Terrorist

A new study has found that Genghis Khan was the greenest invader in history, killing so many people that carbon levels plummeted. [Thx Darby!] The Mongol leader, who established a vast empire between the 13th and 14th centuries, helped remove nearly 700million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, claims a new