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Restoration of Ephesus Yamaç houses completed

Archaeologists have restored two Yamaç houses in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. The project, started in 2012, aims to protect and preserve the newly-founded Yamaç Houses of Ephesus. “Among seven Yamaç houses two of them have been restored,” said Ladstaetter, and added that these restorations were highly significant. Ladstaetter said

The 7 most impressive libraries ever

The News in Print blog has compiled a list of the seven most impressive libraries from through history. Another early library was the Celsus Library in Ephesus, built in 110 A.D. by the Council Gaius Julius Aquila. The library became one of the largest collections of antiquity, storing an estimated 12,000

Restoration in Ephesus: The world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle

Restoration work is taking place on a Roman consul's house in the ancient city of Ephesus where the walls have been broken into 120,000 pieces, all being put back together one fragment at a time. The walls had sunk deep into the soil over time due to numerous earthquakes. The pieces