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Nine-year-old find 6,000-year-old axe head

A nine-year-old in Essex has saved a precious 6,000-year-old axe head from being thrown away. An alert nine-year-old stopped his granddad throwing away a 6,000-year-old flint axe head which he had mistaken for a regular stone. Tony Page didn't realise the significance of the find as he walked with grandson and Cub

Bronze Age hoard found in Essex field

A hoard of axe heads, spear tips and other objects which date back to the Bronze Age have been found in a field in Essex. The items include an intact pottery container with heavy contents which has been removed undisturbed.The materials are now at a local museum where archaeologists hope

The race to preserve 2,000-year-old Roman chariot track

Residents in Essex, England, are racing to save a 2,000-year-old, 350-metre Roman chariot track. There was considerable excitement among archaeologists when, in 2005, a firm of housing developers unearthed the only Roman chariot-racing track in Britain, on a site in Colchester, Essex. Five years later, residents have less than a month to