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Etching of Hitler playing chess with Lenin to go on auction

An etching showing a young Adolf Hitler playing chess against Vladimir Lenin is set to hit the auction block. The image is said to have been created in Vienna by Hitler's art teacher, Emma Lowenstramm, and is signed on the reverse by the two dictators. Hitler was a jobbing artist in the

The oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere

The editor of National Geographic magazine has posted a blog entry discussing the cautious excitement surrounding the mammoth etching announce last month, which, if genuine, could be the oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere. Let's hope, hope, hope it is true—mammoth art in North America just like what they have in

Ancient bone found with etching of mastodon

In what is being hailed as a spectacularly rare find, a bone has been found in Florida, etched with a clear image of a walking mammoth. According to leading experts from the University of Florida, the remarkable find demonstrates with new and startling certainty that humans coexisted with prehistoric animals more