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Human footprints found in cave may be Europe’s oldest

New dating carried out on human footprints found in a Romanian cave have revealed the prints were made 36,500 years ago, making them Europe's oldest. About 400 footprints were first discovered in the cave in 1965. Scientists initially attributed the impressions to a man, woman and child who lived 10,000 to

Hunter-gatherers may have traded for bacon

New research suggests that hunter-gatherers in Europe may have traded with Neolithic farmers for domesticated pigs. "Humans love novelty, and though hunter-gatherers exploited wild boar, it would have been hard not to be fascinated by the strange-looking, spotted pigs owned by farmers living nearby," researcher Greger Larson at Durham University in

Europeans seasoned their food 7,000 years ago

An analysis of ancient residue found on pottery fragments in Europe have revealed that seasonings were being used by hunter-gatherers to enhance the flavour of food 7,000 years ago. Archaeologists at York, working with colleagues in Denmark, Germany and Spain, have found evidence of the use of spices in cuisine at

Most modern Europeans shared common ancestors

Genetic research suggests that all modern Europeans have common ancestors who lived 1,000 years ago. Whether they are a Serb and a Swiss, or a Finn and a Frenchman, any two Europeans are likely to have many common ancestors who lived around 1,000 years ago. A genomic survey of 2,257 people

The oldest fishhooks in Europe

Archaeologists have found Europe's oldest known fishhooks in a German field. The hooks, carved from reindeer or elk bones, date back 12,300 years, however there was one hook carved from a mammoth tusk that dates back 19,000 years! Sommer and his colleagues unearthed several Paleolithic finds during a routine environmental assessment

DNA links Paleolithic Europe with modern Native Americans

New findings from a recent genetic study have shown a link between the Paleolithic population of Europe and modern Native Americans. To make this discovery, Patterson worked with Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics David Reich and other colleagues to study DNA diversity, and found that one of these ancestral populations

The oldest town in Europe found in Bulgaria

The oldest urban settlement yet found in Europe has been unearthed near Varna, Bulgaria. The team of archaeologists headed by Nikolov excavated stone walls estimated to date from 4700 to 4200 BCE. The walls are two metres thick and three metres high, and according to Nikolov are the earliest and most

Earliest Europeans were cannibals and wore jewellery

32,000-year-old human remains have been found with post-mortem cut marks indicating ritual cannibalism. Mammoth jewellery was also found at the site. The remains, described in PLoS One, date to 32,000 years ago and represent the oldest direct evidence for anatomically modern humans in a well-documented context. The human remains are also