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19-century fort discovered in Florida Everglades

The remains of Fort Harrell, built by the U.S. Army in 1837, has been found in the Everglades of Florida by a high school Chemistry teacher. Fort Harrell was one of the more obscure outposts, wedged into a rugged swamp area, accessible mainly by boat. No great battles were waged there

Everglade tree islands may be ancient rubbish heaps

The tree islands that dot the Florida Everglades may have originally been garbage mounds left behind by prehistoric humans. Scientists have thought for many years that the so-called fixed tree islands (a larger type of tree island frequently found in the Everglades' main channel, Shark River Slough) developed on protrusions from

Everglades restoration endangers historic sites

A project underway to restore the Everglades is threatening to destroy historic sites. Multibillion-dollar plans to recreate once-natural water flows to the Everglades involve building massive reservoirs and filter marshes across hundreds of thousands of acres south of Lake Okeechobee. But saving an environmental treasure threatens to trample sacred