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Plymouth excavation unearth 30,000 artifacts

Over 30,000 artifacts dating back 1,000 years have been found during an excavation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. An excavation this summer in a small shed and nearby grounds on North Street has yielded more than 30,000 artifacts dating back 1,000 years. But the prized finds have been the bits and pieces that

Injured war veterans help with archaeological digs

Operation Nightingale is an army project in Wales which takes injured war veterans and rehabilitates them through work on archaeological digs. Soldiers, some of whom have suffered double amputations, gunshot wounds, explosions while in vehicles and burns, worked on the site digging trenches and revealing the walls of a Roman building. The

German settlement of Cölln excavated

Archaeologists are busy excavating the town of Cölln, which sat across the River Spree from Berlin before being swallowed up by Berlin's expansion. I'll be in Berlin in June and will definitely stop by to check out the site. Up to now, historians have known very little about the early history of

Landmine removal makes way for Iron Age excavation

Excavations on an Iron Age city located near the Syrian-Turkish border are set to begin after over 1,000 landmines were removed from the area. The archaeologist, who has undertaken previous digs in the Gaziantep region and speaks a great deal of Turkish, explained that the team has ambitious plans for the

Irish immigrant homes excavated

Three mid-nineteenth century homes lived in by Irish immigrants have been excavated, revealing all manner of artifacts. The archaeological team identified and excavated privies - pits that served as a receptacle for family trash and waste. Among the objects recovered: writing slates (the kind used by young children to practice the alphabet)

Excavations to begin on Roman necropolis underneath rugby stadium

Excavations are set to begin on a 2,000-year-old necropolis which sits underneath the Stadio Faminio in Italy. The archaeologist stares down into the enormous hole that edges up to the back of Rome's rugby stadium and gestures helplessly. "Make no mistake, this Roman necropolis we have found stretches right under the

17th century boundary wall found at Edinburgh castle

Excavations at Edinburg Castle have uncovered the remains of a boundary wall which dates back to the 1600s. CFA Archaeology will now look at the surrounding area to gain a clearer understanding of what it was part of. A trench dug for one of more than 100 concrete pad foundations for the

Gas main excavations unearths Stone Age artifacts

Gas main excavations in Monmouth have uncovered flint tools and bone fragments dating back to the Stone Age. They indicate hunter-gatherers used the River Wye for food and transport some 6,500 to 7,500 years ago. The late Mesolithic items show there were settlers in the area thousands of years earlier