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Remains of Alfred the Great exhumed

Remains believed to belong to Alfred the Great, who died in 899 A.D., have been exhumed from an unmarked grave in a church in Winchester, England. Alfred, a younger son of a minor king, who grew up to become the first man referred to as "the king of the English", was

Tycho Brahe was not poisoned

A team of researchers who analysed the remains of Tycho Brahe, the 16th-century Danish astronomer, have concluded that he did not die of mercury poisoning. In the past century, the mercury poisoning theory received apparent corroboration from repeated tests on samples of hair taken from Brahe's long moustache, which were removed

Mona Lisa model to be exhumed

Researchers are attempting to confirm that Lisa Gherardini was the model for the Mona Lisa by exhuming her body for analysis. Using scientific techniques, Vinceti says he hopes to extract DNA from the skull of Gherardini - the wife of a rich silk merchant - and rebuild her face. The group led

3.6 million-year-old footprints exhumed

The 3.6 million-yearold human footprints found in the Laetoli riverbed in Tanzania are being exhumed for study. He said archaeological experts from within and outside the country would oversee the digging of the ash bed with the footprints to get a clue of its state. "After that the experts may decide

Astronomer Tycho Brahe to be exhumed

The body of astronomer Tycho Brahe, who died in 1601, is set to be exhumed to determine his cause of death. DA group of Danish and Czech experts will therefore soon be able to carry out detailed analyses of the astronomer’s bone, hair and clothing remains to find the answer to