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The hunt for the Franklin Expedition ships

Archaeologists in Canada are en route to the Arctic in an attempt to find the lost ships of the doomed Franklin Expedition 150 years ago. Relying on 150-year-old testimony of indigenous Inuits and 21st-Century methods like sea-floor surveying, the team hopes to find HMS Terror and HMS Erebus and discover

100-year-old pat of butter found at Scott’s Antarctic base

The world's oldest block of butter (as oppose to the world's oldest butter in general) has been discovered at Captain Robert Scott's Antarctic base. The frozen spread was found in a sack in a former pony stable nearly a century after the adventurer’s mission to the South Pole. Captain Scott and his

Did American whalers discover the east coast of Australia before Captain Cook?

A team of archaeologists are hoping to determine once and for all whether American whalers discovered the east coast of Australia before Captain Cook. The story began in 1803, after Matthew Flinders had completed his epic circumnavigation of Australia and was returning to England. He was a passenger on HMS Porpoise,

Christopher Columbus writings prove he was Spanish

I was unaware there was a controversy here, but apparently France, Portugal and even Scotland have claimed Christopher Columbus as their own. A thorough investigation of his writings have proven, once and for all, that he was Spanish. A study of the language used in the official records and letters of

Prehistoric man ‘used crude sat nav’

Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a complex network of hilltop monuments. New research suggests that they were built on a connecting grid of isosceles triangles that 'point' to the next site. Many are 100 miles or more away, but GPS co-ordinates show all are accurate to within 100 metres. This

Hand-coloured photographs of explorer’s travels in the 19th century

Back in the 19th century, explorer Henry Harrison traveled the globe, taking photographs along the way and meticulously colouring them in by hand. The collection is set to hit the auction block and someone is going to take home an amazing collection. Harrison travelled the globe with his trusty camera and

English led expedition to North America in 1499

A led from Henry VII may be evidence of a previously unknown expedition to North America. Dr Evan Jones, a historian at Bristol University, has discovered that a Bristol merchant, William Weston, undertook a voyage to the 'New Found Land' in 1499 just two years after Venetian explorer John Cabot 'discovered'