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WWI mines found on Welsh Beach

A woman foraging for seaweed on a beach in Wales stumbled across a collection of mines that date back to the First World War. She had gone to the beach on Wednesday to collect seaweed but said the sea was too rough. "When I turned around and headed back up the beach

Bomb squad called to remove Civil War relics from house

The bomb squad was called in to a house in Virginia to diffuse several explosive items a Civil War relic hunter had in his collection. When Cleveland decided it was time to part with a Civil War-era cannonball and a mortar shell, he figured the safest and most effective way was

Retreating glaciers reveal WWI relics

Retreating glaciers in the Italian Alps has revealed more than 200 rusted explosives from WWI. The explosives – probably stored in an ammunition dump carved into what was once a massive glacier – were discovered by mountain-rescue experts during a routine border-police patrol. They emerged from the 10,500-foot-high Ago di Nardis glacier

German bomb squad hunts for WWII explosives

Bloomberg has posted an interesting article about how German bomb squads are racing to find unexploded WWII bombs. Unexploded bombs are still big business in Germany. Almost two million tons were dropped there by the U.S., Russia and Britain during World War II. An estimated 10 percent to 15 percent never