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Roman-era beauty kits were used to treat trachoma

Over the years archaeologists have found a lot of Roman-era toiletry kits that contain tweezers, scrapers and other artifacts. It was initially thought that these were used as part of a regular beauty regimen, but now some researchers believe that they were used to treat, trachoma, a type of Chlamydia

Did big eyes lead to the downfall of the Neanderthals?

A new study puts forth the claim that Neanderthals became extinct because they had larger eyes than our species. The research team explored the idea that the ancestor of Neanderthals left Africa and had to adapt to the longer, darker nights and murkier days of Europe. The result was that Neanderthals

DNA technique developed to determine ancient hair and eye color

Researchers have discovered a new method of genetic testing which allows them to determine the hair and eye colour of individuals by using their teeth. Currently this technique works for remains up to 800 years old. They had already tried out the technique on the remains of the Polish general Wladyslaw

Giant shrimp with ultra-vision was first top predator

A fossil of an Anomalocaris (which means "strange shrimp") has been found with exceptionally well-preserved eyes. [Thx Catherine!] The eyes were on stalks on the strange shrimp's head, and each was 2 to 3 centimetres across – about the size of an olive. They were covered with lenses, each 70 to 110

The history of optometry

The Telegraph has posted an interesting history about the history of optometry. The use of glasses to correct eyesight began with ancient variations of magnifying glass. The earliest written record of magnification dates back to the 1st century AD, when Seneca the Younger, a tutor of Emperor Nero of Rome, wrote: "Letters,

Artisans tapped to help solve mystery of ancient carvings

Artisans are helping a research project determine whether the eye sockets of some ancient carvings were filled with glass. Fearn sculptor Barry Grove and Tain glass artist Brodie Nairn are working with the National Museum of Scotland and Aberlady Heritage in a project to see if empty eye sockets

Neolithic carvings may show human eyes and eyebrows

A burial mound on an Orkney island may contain carvings showing human eyes and eyebrows. Richard Strachan, senior archaeologist with the Historic Scotland cultural resources team, said: "Initial comparisons do show a similarity in use of this eyebrow motif and may point to the possibility that the markings in the cairn