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Peruvian fabric dates back 6,200 years

A scrap of indigo-dyed fabric found in Peru has been dated back to 6,200 years ago. The oldest indigo-dyed fabric ever found has been discovered in Peru, pushing back the use of this blue coloring to at least 6,200 years ago. Previously, the oldest sample of blue-dyed fabric dated to around 4,400

Neolithic sleeping mat found in China

A women sleeping mat has been found at a Neolithic site in eastern China. According to an article published in the journal Scientific Reports, Zhang Jianping and his colleagues dated the remains of a woven mat unearthed at a Neolithic settlement site in Tianluoshan, Zhejiang Province, and put its age between

Medieval linen found at Northampton dig

Rare scraps of medieval linen have been found at a dig in Northampton, England. A "very nice piece of serpentine marble" was excavated and it is "not beyond the realms of possibility" that it could have been part of a portable altar, according to Mr Brown. "Some very nice pieces of antler,

Sheepskin fragments found in Bronze Age burial

Ancient sheepskin fragments have been found inside a 4,000-year-old burial cist unearthed in Scotland. "The sheepskin around the left arm is the first sample of this kind in Scotland and is the first known example discovered from a Bronze Age burial in Britain. "There have been two other samples of Bronze Age