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Face of saxon man reconstructed

Forensic experts have recreated the face of a Saxon man who lived between 1035 - 1070 A.D. “Osteological analysis identified the skeleton as that of a man aged between 36 and 45 years old. He had suffered from a range of degenerative bone diseases suggesting an active and strenuous lifestyle. His

9,000-year-old staff with carved faces found in Syria

A staff featuring two carved human faces has been found at Tell Qarassa in southern Syria. The roughly 9,000-year-old artifact was discovered near a graveyard where about 30 people were buried without their heads — which were found in a nearby living space. "The find is very unusual. It's unique," said study

Faces of 150-year-old sailors reconstructed

Forensic anthropologists have reconstructed the faces of two sailors whose skulls were recovered from the USS Monitor which sank 150 years ago. Originally discovered by Navy divers during the recovery of the gun turret from the ocean floor in 2002, the remains were retrieved by archaeologist Eric Emery of the Joint

Shift from hunting to farming changed our faces

New research indicates that the shift from being hunter-gatherers to farmers may have altered the shape of our jaws. A number of researchers have hypothesized that the advent of agriculture, which led to diets consisting of softer foods that required less chewing, led to modifications in the lower jaw, either through

Face of Viking woman reconstructed

Researchers in Scotland have digitally reconstructed the face of a Viking woman who lived 1,000 years ago. The archaeologists also excavated four female skeletons, one of which served as the basis for the new digital reconstruction. Caroline Erolin, a lecturer at the University of Dundee’s Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification,

Search for giant rats leads to ancient carved faces

A team of researchers looking for fossils of giant rats in East Timor stumbled across ancient carved faced in a limestone cave. 'Looking up from the cave floor at a colleague sitting on a ledge, my head torch shone on what seemed to be a weathered carving,' CSIRO's Dr Ken Aplin

Face of 5th century Athenian girl reconstructed

A team of scientists and archaeologists have reconstructed the face of an 11-year-old Athenian girl who lived in the 5th century, using her skull and teeth as a guide. The 11-year-old Athenian girl died of typhoid fever in 430 BC during a plague, and her bones were found in a