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Face of Pictish man reconstructed

The face of a Pictish man who lived between 340 - 615 A.D. has been digitally reconstructed. “The facial reconstruction is based on the skull at the time and it has helped us to identify a number of features, such as a strong brow and chin.” The archaeologists are now looking to

Face of ancient Egyptian reconstructed

Researchers have reconstructed the face of Egyptian dignitary who lived during the 18th Dynasty (1479-1425 B.C.). "He was between 45 [and] 60 years old when he died," Raffaella Bianucci, a bioanthropologist in the Legal Medicine Section at the University of Turin, told Live Science. "His tomb in the Valley of the

Face of 13,600-year-old woman digital reconstructed

Researchers have recreated the face of a woman who lived 13,600 years ago in Thailand. The remains of the woman, who lived about 13,600 years ago, were found in the Late Pleistocene Tham Lod rock shelter in north-west Thailand. The woman was between 25 and 35 years old and between 1.48

Face of Pictish murder victim reconstructed

The face of a Pictish man who was murdered 1,400 years ago has been reconstructed. Prof Black said the first three impacts broke the man's teeth, and fractured his left jaw and the back of his head. She said: "The fourth impact was intended to end his life as probably the same

Face of Neolithic man reconstructed

Researchers have reconstructed the face of a man who lived 9,500 years ago in Jericho. The Jericho Skull is a face modeled in plaster over the man's actual skull, which has now come to life in the vivid reconstruction described in the latest issue of British Archaeology. The man's identity remains unknown,

Face of Robert the Bruce digitally reconstructed

Historians have digitally reconstructed the face of Robert the Bruce, almost 700 years after his death. Until now, portraits and statues of the victor of Bannockburn have relied on artists' imaginations. With no contemporary artworks to tell us what King Robert actually looked like, historians at the University of Glasgow teamed up

Lord of Sipan’s face reconstructed

Forensic anthropologists have reconstructed the face of the Lord of Sipan. The face of an ancient Peruvian ruler, known as the Lord of Sipan, has been reconstructed with the help of 3D printing by Brazilian forensic anthropology experts in cooperation with Lima-based Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University after three months