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Cao Cao’s tomb is a fake

In December of last year I reported about the discovery of a tomb in China which belonged to Cao Cao, the third century politician and general. Now a newspaper in China is reporting that more than 20 experts have declared the tomb to be a fake. Today's Modern Express reports

Is La Bella Principessa really a Da Vinci?

Is La Bella Principessa really a $150 million Leonardo Da Vinci or just a copy? Visiting a friend in Switzerland, he opened a drawer and found himself looking at an unframed drawing of a young girl in profile, wearing Renaissance costume. Executed in ink and coloured chalks on a sheet

Ancient Book of Mark found not to be so ancient after all

A biblical expert has found that an ancient Book of Mark kept at the University of Chicago is actually a relatively modern fake. Scholars have argued for nearly 70 years over the provenance of what's called the Archaic Mark, a 44-page miniature book, known as a "codex," which contains the complete

A brief history of photo fakery

The New York Times has compiled examples of photo-fakery throughout the years. Stalin was known for erasing images of his enemies, such as this commissar.

Television documentary claims Turin Shroud was faked by da Vinci

A new television documentary is claiming that Leonardo da Vinci faked the Turin Shroud using pioneering photographic techniques and a sculpture of his own head. The claims is made in a Channel Five documentary, to be shown on Wednesday night, that describes how da Vinci could have scorched his facial features

Adolf Hitler ‘self-portrait’ might be fake

A "self-portrait" of Adolf Hitler was sold last month, but the expert who boasted about how much interest the painting had received now now admits that the painting might be a fake after someone pointed out that the bridge the figure in the painting is sitting on might be one

A lot of Beatles Autographs Were Forged By George

George Harrison forged a lot of his band members signatures in order to get signed photos out to fans quicker. "We've sent it to a handwriting expert and it's just about 100% certain that they were done by George," he said. "There are quite a few photographs in existence with autographs that