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Jesus’s Wife papyrus is a modern fake

A New Testament scholar from Durham University says the papyrus fragment I posted about earlier this week, which references Jesus' wife, is a modern fake. [Thx to Sebastian for the heads up] He does not directly criticise Professor Karen King, of Harvard, who presented the fragment at a conference in Rome

Statue found in goat pen is a fake

Before I went on vacation I posted an article about how police recovered a stolen ancient Greek statue hidden in a goat pen. Well it turns out the statue is a 19th century fake. "A closer examination found moulding marks and bubble traces, leading to the conclusion that the statue is

Mary Todd Lincoln painting is a fake

A painting of Mary Todd Lincoln which hung in the governor's mansion in Springfield, Illinois is a fake. The canvas, which was purchased by Abraham Lincoln’s descendants before being donated to the state’s historical library in the 1970s, was discovered to be a hoax when it was sent to a conservator

Christian codices are fakes

A couple weeks I posted about the discovery of what may be the earliest Christian writings; some 70 lead codices found in a cave in Jordan. Well, it turns out that they're fake. "I obtained photos of all the text that was available, and spent the past week looking over them,"

Fake Mayan statue sold for $4.2 million

A Mayan statue which sold at auction for $4.2 million may be a fake. The French auction house Drouot maintains that the statue, of a masked figure carrying a shield, is genuine and more than 1,000 years old. But Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History says it does not match the

Ancient forged coin found with spelling errors

A metal detectorist has discovered a 2,000-year-old fake coin made by a forger who could not spell and did not know who the emperor was. Experts said it was made a few years after Actium but was a terrible fake, probably created from memory by a craftsman who was ‘barely

Famous photo of Hitler at 1914 rally a fake

The famous photograph showing a young Adolf Hitler at a rally in 1914 was probably faked. Düsseldorf historian Gerd Krumeich has studied the picture and its history and concluded that Hitler was superimposed to lend credibility to the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot and a man of

Scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin with medieval techniques

An Italian scientist claims to have reproduced the Shroud of Turin using materials and techniques from the Middle Ages, proving the linin cloth was a medieval fake. They placed a linen sheet flat over a volunteer and then rubbed it with a pigment containing traces of acid. A mask was used