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Odd rock cairns pique interest in West Virginia

Archaeologists are trying to figure out who built the strange rock piles found on West Virginia farm. Wise said it seems unlikely that the Cabell County rock cairns are the result of someone having cleared off a relatively flat piece of land for agricultural purposes. Neither American Indian nor pioneer farmers would

Iron Age roundhouse found on farm in Scotland

The 2,000-year-old floor and timber beams of an Iron Age roundhouse have been found on a farm in Birnie, Scotland. National Museums of Scotland curator Fraser Hunter said the “huge, impressive building” had a diameter of 50ft and had stood nearly 30ft high and showed how sophisticated the Iron Age settlers

Farmer’s son unearths medieval ring

A 17 year old has unearthed a medieval silver ring, dating back more than 800 years, on a farm in Northern Ireland. The 12th century artefact was found by 17-year-old Conor Sandford as he was putting up a fence post at the edge of one of his father's fields near the