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Genetic study sheds light on early European farmer migration

A new genetic study has linked Neolithic farmers in Spain, Germany and Hungary to farmers in Greece and Anatolia. Joachim Burger, one of the study's authors, said genetic analyses of the samples showed that the ancient farmers in central Europe and Spain were more closely related to the Aegean group than

Chinese farmers also domesticated cats

New research suggests that in addition to the Near East and Egypt, farmers in China also domesticated cats. Were domestic cats brought to China over 5 000 years ago? Or were small cats domesticated in China at that time? There was no way of deciding between these two hypotheses until a

Remains of early farmers found in Jordan

The 14,000-year-old remains of an adult and child have been found in Jordan's Black Desert and are providing clues to how human's first made the leap to agriculture in the area. By analysing bones, seeds and other remains scientists hope to discover that in this area, 14.000 years ago, humans began

Hunter-gatherers may have traded for bacon

New research suggests that hunter-gatherers in Europe may have traded with Neolithic farmers for domesticated pigs. "Humans love novelty, and though hunter-gatherers exploited wild boar, it would have been hard not to be fascinated by the strange-looking, spotted pigs owned by farmers living nearby," researcher Greger Larson at Durham University in

Mediterranean farmers migrated to Scandinavia 5,000 years ago

A new genetic study suggests that Mediterranean farmers migrated to Scandinavia 5,000 years ago where they interbred with the local hunter-gatherers. Pieces of DNA extracted from an ancient farmer’s remains buried in southern Sweden display gene variants most like those found in people now living in Greece and Cyprus, the scientists

Archaeologists fight to save aqueduct from farmer

An Italian farmer who owns the land a Roman aqueduct was discovered on is damaging the site by digging for treasure. In January father and son team Edward and Michael O'Neill discovered the headwaters of the aqueduct, which was built by the Emperor Trajan, hidden beneath a crumbling 13th century

Most British men descended from ancient farmers

Apparently the first farmers to arrive in Britain outbred the native hunter-gatherers. Most men in Britain are descended from the first farmers to migrate across Europe from the Near East 10,000 years ago, scientists say. Ancient farmers left their genetic mark on modern males by breeding more successfully than indigenous hunter-gatherer men