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Farmers plough unearthes Bronze Age tomb

A farmer ploughing his field in Scotland has discovered a Bronze Age cist tomb. He told The Galloway Gazette: “The slab just came up when I was ploughing last Thursday. I noticed immediately that it was unlike any other stone in he area. It was a huge flat stone and it

Carved Pictish symbol found in Scottish farm wall

Archaeologists in Scotland have found a stone, built into a farmhouse, which features a carved Pictish symbol depicting a beast of some kind. A lack of weathering on the Pictish beast may suggest the stone had been kept inside, or had been buried, for a long period before it was placed

Aztec surveyors were very accurate

A mathematical review of the Codex Vergara, a document which contains detailed map of 386 farms, has shown that Aztec surveyors were incredibly accurate. Using these records, Clara Garza-Hume, a mathematician at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, and colleagues went back to the codex to check the

Neolithic farm found in Scotland

What may be the remain as of a Neolithic farm have been unearthed at the site of a new bridge in Scotland. Trial trenches have been dug in a field on the outskirts of South Queensferry on land reserved for the planned Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC). Archaeologists plan further excavations