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Ostrich eggshell beads discovered in Denisova Cave

Beads made from Ostrich eggshells, believed to date back between 45,000-50,000 years have been found in Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains. 'This is an amazing piece of work. The ostrich egg shell is quite robust material, but the holes in the beads must have been made with a fine stone

Bog clothing analysed

Analysis carried out on 2,000-year-old bog clothing has revealed that Iron Age garments were made from domesticated animals. Brandt analysed 12 samples from ten cloaks and a tunic from the Danish National Museum’s collection of leather suits that were preserved at a number of archaeological sites in Jutland, West Denmark. All

Shell beads reveal fashion-conscious human ancestors

A team of researchers have been experimenting with shell beads in an attempt to replicate the wear patterns found on the shells, and as a result found that the way shells were strung changed as the styles became outdated. In a new study in press at the Journal of Human Evolution,

Roman shoes revealed social status

Shoes found at a Roman military base have revealed that the children and infants who lived there wore shoes that reflected their social status. The teeny-tiny shoes, some sized for infants, not only reveal that families were part of Roman military life, but also show that children were dressed to match

Medieval bras found in Austrian castle

Four bras dating back 600 years have been found at Lengberg Castle in Austria. Though the first brassieres went into mass production roughly a century ago, thereby ushering in the rapid decline of the corset, no one can say for sure when bras were really invented. But archaeologists from the University

The world’s oldest purse found in Germany

Evidence of the world's oldest discovered purse, studded with over a hundred dog teeth, has been found in Germany. Excavators at a site near Leipzig uncovered more than a hundred dog teeth arranged close together in a grave dated to between 2,500 and 2,200 B.C. According to archaeologist Susanne Friederich, the teeth

Fashion faux pas: Romans wore socks with sandals

Evidence found at a Roman industrial estate in North Yorkshire suggests that legionnaires wore socks with sandals.  Rust on a nail from a Roman sandal found in newly discovered ruins in North Yorkshire appears to contain fibres which could suggest that a sock-type garment was being worn.Now scientists are examining

The world’s oldest leather shoe

The world's oldest known leather shoe, which dates back 5,500 years, has been found in a cave in Armenia. Stuffed with grass, perhaps as an insulator or an early shoe tree, the 5,500-year-old moccasin-like shoe was found exceptionally well preserved—thanks to a surfeit of sheep dung—during a recent dig in