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Remains of Iron Age pork feast found in Wales

An analysis of animals bones found at a prehistoric feasting site in Wales has revealed that pork, specifically the right forequarters of the animals, was heavily featured on the menu. "Surprisingly, nearly 80% of the animal remains at Llanmaes were from pigs, at a time when sheep and cattle were the

1,000 kg of cattle bones may mark lavish feasts

A metric ton worth of cattle bones have been found in an abandoned theatre in the ancient city of Corinth in Greece. Archaeologists believe that the theatre may have been used to prepare the meat for lavish feasts. A theater may seem an odd place for a butchery operation, MacKinnon said,

Collection of cauldrons found in England

Thirteen cauldrons, the largest group of early cauldrons ever found in Europe, have been unearthed in Chiseldon, England."Analysis of the interiors of the cauldrons has even revealed traces of animal fats, a tantalizing suggestion that these objects might have been used in cooking and serving meat-rich stews at Iron-Age feasts