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Aztec feathered headdress restored

Researchers have diligently restored the "Penacho," the last surviving feathered headdress of the Aztecs. Steeped in myth and legend, the "Penacho", a feather headdress supposedly worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma II, continues to stir up passion in Austria and Mexico as it goes on display again after a years-long restoration. Some say

Neanderthals used feathers as ornaments

New findings suggest that Neanderthals harvested feathers from birds to use as personal ornaments. They then looked more closely at bird bones found at Neanderthal sites in Gibraltar, including Gorham's and Vanguard cave, near the base of the rock: "The Neanderthals had cut through and marked the bones. But what were

Prehistoric feathers found trapped in amber

11 prehistoric protofeathers have been found in western Canada, preserved in amber. Some amber blobs hold primitive single-filament protofeathers that are probably best described as "fuzz". Paleontologists believe that this insulating fluff belonged to non-flying dinosaurs like the tyrannosaurids. At the other end of the spectrum, the amber artifacts show how

Feathered dinosaurs were probably plagued with lice

A new study is proposing that feathered dinosaurs were probably covered with lice and may have spent a good deal of time nibbling them off during pruning. “Our analysis suggests that both bird and mammal lice began to diversify before the mass extinction of dinosaurs," principal investigator Kevin Johnson was quoted

Neanderthals wore feathers

Neanderthals living 44,000 years ago in Italy may have adorned themselves with feathers, according the the remains of 660 birds found in a cave near Verona. Belonging to 22 species of birds, the remains included several wing bones which, according to the researchers, were deliberately cut to take the feathers off. "Cut,

Extinct bird feather fetches $6,000 at auction

A feather belonging to the extinct huia bird has sold for nearly $6,000, making it the most expensive feather in the world. The huia bird is thought to be extinct and has not been seen since 1907. The feather went under the hammer at Webb's Auction House in Auckland.

Archaeopteryx fossil contains fragments of original feathers

Using new analysis technology, scientists have been able to find original fragments of Archaeopteryx's feathers. Archaeopteryx is the most iconic of fossils: Many of the specimens beautifully capture this snapshot of evolution - showing the creature's skeleton, feathers and teeth in great detail. But now a new scanning technique has

Dinosaur feathers changed with age

New finds in China of two 125-million-year old Similicaudipteryx fossils suggest that dinosaur feathers changed with age. The two new fossils belong to a pigeon-size juvenile dinosaur thought to be just a year or two old and a three- to four-year-old duck-size youth. The younger animal's fossil included short ribbonlike